Company Culture



Taclink always adheres to the principle of "People first, pioneering and innovative", fully trusts and respects individuals, and strengthen their enthusiasm and creativity. To cultivate talents, introduce talents, retain talents and fully functioning competitive advantage of talents, to achieve the strategic goals and policies of Taclink, adapt to the rapid development of information technology and the rapidly changing markets. In the context of economic globalization and competition, only by forging ahead can we embrace opportunities and meet challenges. Innovation is the source of life for knowledge-technology-intensive high-tech companies. 


Taclink always implement the "quality first, customer first" service concept, Product quality is the decisive factor to expand the market and customers, is the key element to reflect the core competitiveness of companies. Any enterprise to maintain leadership and develop further must do everything possible to improve product and service quality. Continuous innovation to pursue higher goals. Only unremitting pursuit, excellence, can be in the forefront of the industry. Customer service is the foundation of the company, is and the reputation, is the core competitiveness. By providing excellent service Taclink can win the trust and support of customers and create an excellent reputation and value for the company.  


Enterprise Sprint

People First;  Exploration and innovation;  Quality-oriented; Customer Focus.


Company Vision

Become a global leader in optoelectronics technology and world-class and trusted optical communication product supplier 


Company Mission

Supporting customer success by innovative, simplified and efficient solutions


Company Values

Customer centric, Innovative, Agile, Reliable.


Company Core Strategy

Develop and deliver Products and Technology with highest level of Quality and Speed by our talented people


Quality Policy

Since the foundation of the company, Taclink has continuously improved our quality management system. Taclink is following a strict zero defect policy from product development to manufacturing and customer shipments


Environmental Policy

Taclink is committed to protect our environment by minimizing the use of finite resources (such as energy, water and raw materials) and the release of harmful emissions to the environment (including waste, air emissions and discharges to water). Taclink seeks to improve the environmental performance of the products and services it provides. Taclink is complying with all legal regulations in his business areas.