Product Description

Product type LC Interface Fiber Reach Data Rate Encoding Wavelength Temperature
50G LR SFP56 Duplex   SMF 10km 26.5625GBd PAM4 1310nm C/I temp
50G CWDM SFP56 Duplex   SMF customizable 26.5625GBd PAM4 CWDM C/I temp
50G BIDI 10km SFP56 Simplex   SMF 10km 26.5625GBd PAM4 1270/1330nm C/I temp
50G BIDI 40km SFP56 Simplex   SMF 40km 26.5625GBd PAM4 1295/1309nm C/I temp
64 GFC-LW SFP56 Duplex   SMF 10km 28.9GBd PAM4 1310nm C/I temp
64G ELWL SFP56 Duplex   SMF 25km 28.9GBd PAM4 1310nm C/I temp

*The SFP56 series products provide diverse solutions for wireless and fiber optic channel applications

*The entire product line has an I-temp version to support wireless application


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