Metro Network Solution

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Application of MAN (metropolitan area network) transmission characterized by access and metro transmission of multiple data types, including SDH and Ethernet signals, etc. Optical subsystem and high-integrated line-cards developed by Taclink integrates several functional units  of signal transmission, multiplexing/demultiplexing, amplification, optical protection, optical performance monitoring, dispersion compensation and other functions.  They are fulfilling various requirements of MAN transmission application.

OEO unit can integrate OTN function;

Optical amplifier products includes EDFA, Raman, ROPA, SOA, and other types, which can realize hybrid amplification and cover multi-span transmission for different data types of MAN.

Optical Mux/Demux can realize DWDM transmission and  complete flexible deployment of each site.

Optical line protection unit is providing optical signal protection. Together with optical performance monitoring unit it realize effectively monitoring and guarantees operation of transmission system.

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