Ultra Long Haul Transmission Solution

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10G SDH Ultra Long Haul Transmission Plan

40CH*10G DWDM Ultra Long Haul Transmission Plan


The long distance transmission system developed by Taclink features long span, without relay station, stable reliability and being widely used for crossing deserts, mountains or other no man’s land.


System technical features:

(1) High output power amplifier: extending transmission distance by increasing power of transmitting end;

(2) Nonlinear suppression technology: through special technology to suppress the nonlinear effect of optical signal in the transmission system, and extend transmission distance;

(3) EFEC: increasing system OSNR tolerance and improving RX sensitivity 9-12dB by using super-efficient error correction technology.

(4) Hybrid amplification technology: by adding DRA, ROPA and other technologies to realize hybrid amplification of optical transmission signals and effectively suppress signal OSNR degradation, enhancing RX performance and extending transmission distance.

(5) High dispersion tolerance Transmitting equipment: through special technology, transmitter optical signal has a high dispersion tolerance, such as 2.5G signal can realize 400km transmission without dispersion compensation.

(6) Dispersion optimization management: by using of fiber Bragg grating types and electrical adjustable dispersion compensation to realize dispersion system’s optimized network management and improve system transmission performance.