FTTH solutions

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Aiming at market demands, Taclink provides complete FTTX solutions and different product series. The system can be optimized according to the actual needs of different requirements.

Solution introduction:

(1) CATV front-end: 1550nm optical transmitter with special technology combined with an optical amplifier can effectively improve the output power of the transmitter and extend the transmission distance;   
(2) Front-end equipment: Video combiner by high-power double-cladding erbium-Ytterbium co-doped amplification technology, passive PON combining technology and OLT equipment to support multi-service bidirectional single-fiber transmission and save fiber resources;  
(3) Client side: 100M/1000M ONU device which supports Internet, telephone, and cable TV services.  


1)The schematic diagram of the solution is CATV+PON system. The overall solution can be flexibly customized according to user needs, including EOC+PON system, WDM-PON system, etc. 

2)Multi-service bidirectional single-fiber transmission without additional equipment;

3)Meet various access requirements such as voice, HD IPTV, CATV and dedicated line;   

4)Fiber to the home, through EPON/GPON technology can achieve 1000M to the home.   

Diagram of FTTH solution